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Private Piano Lessons

Learning an instrument requires a certain level of vulnerability. A student needs to feel comfortable expressing themselves, making mistakes, and asking questions. For this reason, I am passionate about creating a positive learning environment for piano lessons.  I often use humor, games, and mnemonic sayings to help a student read and remember music theory. My classes are structured, straightforward, but also fun. I am classically trained and believe it important for students to learn to play all genres of music. This helps create well-rounded musicians capable and relaxed when playing with other musicians or by themselves. It also develops lifelong music appreciation and understanding of music history. Each year, the student and I develop a list of musical goals to complete through structured lesson plans and practice accountability. These goals vary with what is needed most to advance the individual student and I always include music students want to learn to keep them motivated.

I have been teaching private piano lessons for over 25+ years and hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music and Theater from Susquehanna University where I received a scholarship and trained under Annie Alt in Vienna, Austria.

Lessons are taught online  or in the comfort of your own home. Students must be 5-18 years of age. References available upon request.

Thank you  and feel free to contact me below or at 310-383-7320. I look forward to hearing from you.


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  • 5/5 stars

    Anita has been teaching my daughter piano in our home for 4 years now. Anita is punctual, reliable, experienced, talented and FUN! Her teaching method is gentle but firm and persistent filled with enthusiasm , which ultimately elevates my daughter’s talent.
    We would recommend Anita to any individual, of any age, who is interested in an introduction to piano or wishes to master their existing skills.
    Thank you Anita!!

  • 5/5 stars

    Anita has been working weekly with my teenage daughter. What I love the most about her is her patience and persistence in helping kids push through their resistance. She is gentle and yet firm with great personality.