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Photos and fun from our Pennsylvania book run.

ECOTTA Executive Director Sara Frank chats with Anita Gnan during “Kibble” book signing

A big thanks to Executive Director, Sara Frank and everyone at The Elk County Council Of The Arts (ECCOTA) for a wonderful book signing event. The amount of dedication, energy, and marketing that goes into book readings and signings is not lost on me. I’m thrilled “Kibble the Monarch Caterpillar Afraid to Get Wings” has a home on the shelves of your creative and charming shop.

pinecrest manor receives kibble the monarch caterpillar afraid to get wings
Anita donates “Kibble the Monarch Caterpillar Afraid to Get Wings” to Pinecrest Manor’s library for residents to enjoy with their grandkids and great grandkids

Pinecrest Manor holds a special place in my heart. As a kid growing up in Elk County, my mom, sister, and I would play music for the senior citizens living there. The staff and residents were always (and still are) incredibly welcoming. My mom continues the tradition of playing music there (over 40 years and counting – you go, mom!). I tagged along with her to Pinecrest Manor on this book run for a nostalgic trip down memory lane. It was great to see the place still thriving with activities and happy residents.

Anita Gnan shares “Kibble the Monarch Caterpillar Afraid to Get Wings” at Sinnemahonig State Park First Fork Festival

Many thanks to Sinnemahonig State Park for including “Kibble” in your First Fork Festival. Such a beautiful venue to compliment the beautiful spirit of Pennsylvania. I had a great time laughing with kids, enjoying nature, and meeting new friends.

Anita Gnan at Johnsonburg Public Library’s “Kibble the Monarch Caterpillar Afraid to Get Wings” book signing

I’d also like to thank Johnsonburg Public Library and my hometown St. Marys Public Library for taking time to host book readings and signings of “Kibble the Monarch Caterpillar Afraid to Get Wings”. I so appreciate you putting these events together. It was beyond special to chat with old (and new) friends and family. The laughter we shared along with all the things I hold dear having grown up in Elk County made my trip and these signings extra special.

Anita Gnan performs “Kibble the Monarch Caterpillar Afraid to Get Wings” at the St. Mary’s Public Library

This trip is one I will cherish for years to come. I love the beauty of Elk County and the people who live there. I had a great time. My stay was made even more special, though, by my parents, Kay and Dave Gnan. They bravely traveled along with me to every event. The consequence of such an action is no doubt their odd ability to now recite “Kibble” verbatim, but that aside, it meant the world to me.

Anita Gnan with “Kibble the Monarch Caterpillar Afraid to Get Wings” editor Victoria Stanish

Lastly, a heartfelt thank you to my editor and dear friend, Victoria Stanish. She went above and beyond for this coming home book tour. I am still in awe of her dedication and organization of notifying press, and booking tv and radio interviews. She made it incredibly easy for me to fly to Pennsylvania having the press release and ground work set. I can’t thank you enough for all your hard work. You are a gem.

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